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Company wellness

I provide a tailored counselling service to NGR a leading independent recruitment consultancy that offer a specialised and highly skilled search and selection service for vendors in the networking industry.


Great people should be retained to continue to move businesses forwards. Helping leaders and individual contributors spread positivity within the business. If people have positive outlooks, they think positively, and then the actions they take are based on positive thrushes, which if all activities are achieved with skill and experience the business outcomes will arrive. 


Sometimes good people need support to maintain their work life balance, and it is vital to maintain this flow within the business environment. We are here, making this happen, when a person has concerns.

Our approach

• Six sessions tailored package to support the person who needs assistance from their employer, to benefit that business.


• Face to face in a confidential rural setting owned by NGR, we are part of your business supporting your people.


• We are aimed at supporting great people that you have noticed a drop in attitude or performance in numbers and it appears that person is not behaving as they were with colleagues and/or with customers.

• NGR will manage the persons concerns away from the business.

• This maintains confidentiality and trust between the person and the counsellor.

• The main concerns that people have are mostly outside of the business, and come from their home life. We will support them if it is home and/or business concerns.

• The business can maintain a summary from us, and also you will see the results in the work place once again.

• People are key to driving businesses forwards, therefore additional support is available. As we appreciate life and circumstances constantly evolve, therefore we offer flexible sessions, which can be organised.


For further information about Company wellness please contact me directly.

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