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I cannot stress how much baggage we carry with worries and fears in our Lives. Talking with Amy and allowing her to understand the inner me, gave me a journey of support through which so many life knots were untangled. Just being totally honest with oneself, without fear of judgement and building on the core character strengths, I've been able to break through the cage that was trying to bury me for so long. For me, Amy was kind, approachable and took her time to understand the issues I had. From there Amy helped to guide me carefully and safely through the distress I was experiencing.

Thank you so much Amy.


I wanted to say thank you for helping me so much over the last ten months. I was a mess, lost, confused, angry and still grieving from the loss of a loved one. You have turned me around, you will say I have done it but believe me, only with your guidance, your techniques  and your calm talking has this allowed me to change.

I was really able to open up to you, say anything and never feel judged; as I would often say the process has been cathartic. I will always be grateful for your help, time and wisdom. I am sure I will see you again as life is not always going to be plain sailing.


Thank you so much once again, I was very lucky indeed to have found you.


I came to Amy as I was really struggling to manage my emotions from a past job, my manager was a bully and this was affecting me daily. With Amy’s support and expertise I was able to share my emotions in a safe environment. This enabled me to recognise and manage my feelings and move forwards.


Thank you.


I was so anxious talking to a therapist about my concerns but having had the initial 30 minute consultation I realised Amy would be able to help me with my trauma. She was calm and listened and most importantly for me made me feel at ease.

Amy walked with me on my journey and I am so grateful for all the support she gave me.


Thank you.




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